DATE: 09/12/2015 (Sat.) - Knights of Columbus, St. John's Council Celebrate Frederick's "In the Streets" 2015.
We have been invited again by the Celebrate Frederick Committee to staff the Beer/Wine Garden at the Carroll Creek Amphitheater for this event to take place on Saturday, September 12th! This is another great opportunity to raise funds for Council activities, gain exposure for our charitable works, have fun, people watch, and share fraternity while doing so! Wives, family and friends are also encouraged to volunteer. Please consider joining us for this Council Fundraiser. It's going to be a great time with a lot of positive energy!
To sign up: go to http://www.SignUpGenius.com/go/904054CACA92DA13-celebrate/9938956
Coordinator: PGK Tom Plunkett




SEP 11 (Fri) - St. John's Council Installation of Officers. More info to follow.




Sep 23 (Fri) St. John's Council Wine Tasting. More info to follow.




2015 ANNUAL CAR RAFFLE IS HERE - Grand Prize is a 2016 Ford Mustang. Get your tickets from PGK Tom Plunkett. Sold tickets must be turned in by Monday, Oct 5, 2015. Drawing will be held on Oct 10, 2015.
Sept 19/20 - Raffle sales after all Masses - VOLUNTEERS NEEDED.
Sept 26/27 - Raffle sales after all Masses - VOLUNTEERS NEEDED.




DATE: 11/13/2015 (Friday) ANNUAL KofC/CDA Memorial Service.
. Schedule:
- Afternoon (time TBD) Hall Set-up
- 6:00-7:00 - Wedding rehearsal in church - NOT AVAILABLE TO US - Guest assembly will be in the hall.
- 7:00-7:30pm - Set up and Guest Assembly in Church.
- 7:30pm - Procession & Ceremony for recently deceased Daughters and Knights.
- 7:45pm - Eucharistic Adoration and Prayer Service.
- 8:30pm - Dessert Reception in St. John's Community Center Hall, next to church.
- 9:30pm - Cleanup





Added 8/28 - 8/17 Council Picnic.

Added 8/14 - 7/25 Knights at the Keys.

Added 8/12 - 8/03 Council Cook-out and meeting.

Added 7/13 - 6/26 SHARE Food Co-op.

Added 7/5 - 7/4 Frederick 4th of July Beer Garden Fundraiser and 7/6 Council meeting.

Added 6/21 - 6/15 Cook-out and Council Meeting. Bob and Martha Willson named "Family of the Month" for June 2015.

Added 6/3 - 6/2 Cook-out and Council Meeting


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