SATURDAY, NOV 26, 2016, 8:00 am - Advent decorating of St. John the Evangelist Church. This should last about 90 minutes with enough help. Banners will be hung so we need at least four volunteers to work the ladders. Contact Br. William Key william.j.key@comcast.net to volunteer.

SATURDAY, Dec 10, 2016 - Council Annual Christmas Party at the Residence of PGK Dave Satterfield.

FRIDAY, DEC 23, 2016, 5:00 pm - Christmas decorating of St. John the Evangelist Church. This is a large scale project so at least fifteen volunteers are needed. We encourage you to bring your families as this is an excellent way to serve in the spirit of Christmas. Contact Br. William Key william.j.key@comcast.net to volunteer.




Added 11/19/2016 - Photos of Council 1st Degree on 11/15/2016.

2016-1115-DSC_0938 2016-1115-DSC_0939 2016-1115-DSC_0940 2016-1115-DSC_0941 2016-1115-DSC_0942  

Added 11/21/2016 - Photos of Annual Memorial Service on 11/11/2016.

2016-1111-DSC_0897 2016-1111-DSC_0898 2016-1111-DSC_0904 2016-1111-DSC_0905 2016-1111-DSC_0910
2016-1111-DSC_0912 2016-1111-DSC_0915 2016-1111-DSC_0916 2016-1111-DSC_0917 2016-1111-DSC_0918
2016-1111-DSC_0920 2016-1111-DSC_0928 2016-1111-DSC_0929 2016-1111-DSC_0929 2016-1111-DSC_0932
2016-1111-DSC_0933 2016-1111-DSC_0934 2016-1111-DSC_0935 2016-1111-DSC_0936  

Added 11/12/2016 - Photos of Recent Council Program Activities.

2016-0731-IMG_0401 2016-0906-DSC_0765 2016-0906-DSC_0767 2016-0910-DSC_0769 2016-0910-DSC_0771
2016-0910-DSC_0774 2016-0910-DSC_0776 2016-0910-DSC_0778 2016-0910-DSC_0779 2016-0910-DSC_0782
2016-0910-DSC_0783 2016-0910-DSC_0787 2016-0910-DSC_0788 2016-0910-DSC_0789 2016-0910-DSC_0791
2016-0910-DSC_0793 2016-0910-DSC_0796 2016-0910-DSC_0798 2016-0923-01 2016-0923-06
2016-0923-09 2016-0923-10 2016-0923-13 2016-0923-14 2016-0923-15
2016-0923-16 2016-0923-18 2016-0923-19 2016-0923-20 2016-0923-21
2016-0923-28 2016-0923-29 2016-0923-31 2016-0923-32 2016-0923-34
2016-0923-36 2016-0923-37 2016-0923-60 2016-0925-DSC_0822 2016-1008-a
2016-1008-b 2016-1008-c 2016-1008-d 2016-1008-f  


Added 11/12/2016 - Photos of Recent Church Program Activities.

2016-0911-DSC_0803 2016-0911-DSC_0804 2016-0911-DSC_0806 2016-0911-DSC_0807 2016-0911-DSC_0809
2016-0911-DSC_0815 2016-0925-DSC_0824 2016-0925-DSC_0827 2016-0925-DSC_0831 2016-0925-DSC_0832
2016-0925-DSC_0834 2016-0925-DSC_0835 2016-0925-DSC_0844 2016-1002-DSC_0847 2016-1002-DSC_0849
2016-1002-DSC_0851 2016-1002-DSC_0854      


Added 11/12/2016 - New Community Program photos.

2016-0827-DSC_0759 2016-0827-DSC_0761 2016-1022-DSC_0855 2016-1022-DSC_0856 2016-1022-DSC_0857



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